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Company Summary 

HDA MD Staff was recruiting physicians before PC's were a common tool used in business. Our method of performing our job consisted of cold-calling using desk-top analog telephones calling lists of physicians found in hardback bound books and telephone yellow pages.

Our method of exchanging CV's, Resume's and other methods of communication was the Fax Machine. 

A lot of things have changed since those days, but some things have not.  Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers continue to be in short supply, and in some areas the shortage is more acute than ever. 

HDA MD Staff has also changed.  Previously known as Hayman Daugherty Associates, Inc. we have changed our name, and Kimberly Daugherty, now Kimberly Daugherty-Schindler, as one of two original founders, has sold half of the business to a new partner, Dr. Andrew Oleksyn.

In addition to our change of ownership, we have evolved our business over the years. Although we continue to understand the importance of consulting and communicating, we also know that a telephone, a fax machine, and a room full of cold-calling recruiters are no longer the answer to a successful Physician and Advanced Practice recruiting firm, or to Locum Tenens Staffing Agency. 

In some ways, we are like sharks. We are smart and skilled. We either keep swimming, (learning and adapting) or we die.  We have chosen to live through learning and adapting to new digital methods of attracting and communicating with the healthcare providers and facilities we work with.

In other ways, we are like guppies.  We want to be friendly, colorful, easy-going and accommodating.  We have worked hard to develop and provide exciting additional services tailored to meet our hiring facility's needs at a cost and structure the facilities can afford. 

Take a look around our website, and learn a little about what we have to offer.  Please, feel free to contact us directly to discuss your needs or the services we offer.  We are here to provide a service to you.