HDA MD Staff

Physician search and locum tenens recruiting

  • We use a combination of email, text, and phone to communicate.

  • HDA MD Staff is an Expert in providing the service of a retained firm with contingency terms.

  • We have access to the NPDB and credential physicians well before arranging locums assignments.

  • HDA MD Staff

    Recruitment process

  •  We ask the why’s, the where’s, and then the what’s when recruiting.

  • Our advertising and marketing resources put us in touch with hundreds of job candidates daily.

  • Recruiter with HDA MD Staff are not opposed to cold-calling to find the right match for you.

  • We use advanced technologies to find and communicate with physicians.

  • Aside from contingency and locum tenens search, we offer other recruitment options.

  • Your satisfaction is

    the key to our success

  • HDA MD Staff understands that repeat clients are the best clients.

  • We strive to offer you the best solutions to meet your needs at the lowest cost.

  • Our upper management is available to you for special assistance and to listen to your requests.

  • Do you need assistance in filling your permanent physician placement or locum tenens needs?

    Recruit the best candidates for your open positions.