HDA MD Staff Arbie Carbonell; New Client Lead Developer




Arbie Carbonell

"HDA MD Staff; New Client Lead Developer"


Hi, I’m Arbie from the marketing team of HDA MD Staff. I’m a dog lover, an NBA enthusiast, a music fanatic, and a father.

HDA MD Staff has given me the opportunity to provide for my family without leaving the perimeter of my home. I can focus more on the two things that make my life complete: family and work. Getting stuck on traffic in Manila can take away 4-5 hours of my precious time and can be very energy-depleting. Being able to earn at home allows me to have more focused work time which leads to more productivity and efficiency. I can use the time and energy that I’m saving to further hone my craft as a marketer and to ultimately cultivate client engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction.

In the past, I worked with two BPO companies: first with an American cable company as a billing and sales representative, and then with an Australian school as a study coach. The Australian school unfortunately closed and filed for bankruptcy after three years which left me jobless.



It was a terrifying experience to have a job one day and then losing it the next day; it was as if the world was closing in on me. On a difficult time like this, I needed to quickly think and plan and just like one of my heroes, Manny Pacquiao, I needed to roll with the punches being thrown my way. Fortunately, I survived – I got a job contract a week after. Nothing beats the Filipino spirit of resilience.

This was the start of my English teaching career online. I taught students from several countries: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Spain, Italy, and Brazil. Thanks to the internet, the world is getting smaller and smaller for good. I learned a lot about different cultures, and I discovered that our planet indeed is such a beautiful place filled with wonderful people. I realized that our differences are less important than our similarities.

Now, I am working with HDA MD Staff. Being chosen to be a part of this family is the luckiest day of my life. I have the kindest boss in the world who believes in the competence of Filipino workers. We are hardworking, hospitable, and helpful. As part of the HDA MD Staff Marketing Team, I’m looking forward to helping as many Americans as I could in the development of their businesses and/or careers.