HDA MD Staff Ed Ciriaco; Emergency Medicine Resource Specialist



Ed Ciriaco

"HDA MD Staff; Emergency Medicine Resource Specialist"


Mabuhay! Greetings from Manila Philippines! My name is Ed Ciriaco a father of 5 and I took up an International Marketing major in Product Development. I also took up Nursing as my 2nd course. I enjoy traveling, hiking and social-responsibility activities and I really look forward to spending special times with my family.

I have been in the recruitment industry for 5 years now and I specialize in the big 3 of recruitment, Medical Staffing, Information Technology, and Engineering.

Having been in this industry for half a decade now, I realized I should have paid attention to taking the path of remote work recruitment during my early years. I easily lost half a good bunch of quality moments with my 2 older sons during their critical years. I really value working remotely with HDA Staff because I get to spend time with them and can even take a sweet look at their faces when they sleep while I work.



Being with HDA MD Staff is not just a career fulfillment but rather fruition of an ideal lifestyle.  As we interview MD candidates, it is imperative that we discuss them about the culture and the balance of work in their lives before they consider an opportunity in a location.  We as resource specialists in HDA MD Staff know and understand what is meant by work-life balance because we live that kind of life ourselves. Therefore, we are firmly confident to say that we have been representing clients with great integrity, professionalism, and personalized care as we are value proponents of meaningful relationships.

Meanwhile, the advent of global tech network capability of major companies of the US and the Asia Pacific has brought about massive economic growth in both zones and HDA MDA Staff is proud to be of great contribution to both locations especially in the field of Medical Employment.  MDA Staff uses globally certified tools and software backed with a highly educated and trained workforce. All of these in our effort to deliver the best output needed to make sure that clients and candidates will benefit from what they need.

Our company is founded with great trust by institutions for a few decades now, the same trust that is given to us employees which in turn we have been earning from our clients and candidates. That is why I intend to stay with HDA MDA Staff as long as I can.