HDA MD Staff Joana Marie Gabilo; Talent Manager


Joana Marie Gabilo

"HDA MD STAFF, Talent Manager"


Hi, there! Thank you for visiting our page. My name is Joana and I work offshore from the Pearl of the Orient Seas- Philippines! I am one of the lucky employees of HDA MD Staff. I graduated with the degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English with Reading specialization. I love reading, traveling, watching movies, trying different restaurants and just spending time with my family! Just like most Filipinos, I am the breadwinner of our family.



Just to give you a bit of a background about us, let me start with this strong statement: Filipinos never turn their back on family. Whatever the circumstances, we Filipinos will always find a way to help and comfort, making sure that needs are attended to. Having breadwinners in the family is rather common in a traditional Filipino family set-up, some even leave the country to take on the role for the people you love. In fact, an estimated total of 2.5 million Filipinos is working all over the world! I for one taught English in Japan for almost a year. However, I had to go back to the Philippines to take care of my sick niece whom I consider my own child. My niece and my nephew were abandoned by their father that is why my sister had to work overseas for so many years now. For those long years, I, along with my other siblings take care of them. My niece has been in and out of the hospital because of Hypersplenism and Esophageal Varices secondary to Portal Hypertension- a liver disease. She was six when doctors diagnosed it. Through continuous medication, we thought that her situation got better but she had episodes of bleeding when I was in Japan and it made me really worried and anxious so I decided to go back to my country.

I had to find work and fortunately found not just one but two jobs- a Recruitment Specialist for an Australian Recruiting firm and Communications Coach to Japanese businessmen studying in the Philippines. I had to juggle two jobs to help my sister raise her two kids. My sister got married and got divorced and has a seven-year-old lovely daughter that she needs to support single-handedly in Japan so, like her sister, I came to rescue! Haha.

In one of these pictures, you could see me working while my niece at the back is studying. Now, I have more time to help her and watch over her and my nephew who is just a few steps away from me! I have more time for my fur babies too! I do not need to go abroad and leave them just to earn decently! Truly, the Work-Life Balance that I have been dreamed of all my life was achieved from working in HDA MD Staff! I have the best boss who is proud to have Filipinos as her team and who believes in us so what more can I ask for? Your trust!

I hope that our future clients could allow us to help them find the best Physicians across all the states in America! And for our Physicians, give us a chance to find the perfect Medical Center for you! We offer lower rates as compare to our competitors yet we give no less than the best quality service you deserve! HDA MD Staff has been in the market for 30 long years! So what are you waiting for? Talk to us and we will never disappoint!