HDA MD Staff Manilyn Chee; Search Consultant




Manilyn Chee

"HDA MD Staff; Search Consultant"


I am Lyn Chee, who graduated with a degree in BSIT. I am married from my 8 years long term partner and we are blessed to have a very adorable baby girl, turning 2 soon. 

I decided to drop the 10 years corporate world type of set up, to make a difference in my life. Having a family of my own made me realized that, life is too short to spend my energy, traveling to work 4hours every day plus the Hussle of traffic situation here in the Philippines. I finally decided to work remotely and the best benefit about it is being present in my daughter's firsts on every milestone. First solid food, first walk, first word and all her firsts in the next months and years to come.



To HDA MD Staff, I am blessed and thankful to be part of your growing company. We have such an amazing President – Kim, she takes good care of her employees. All the employees at HDA MD Staff are so approachable and always there to give you support. I see myself working with this company for a long time.

Working at HDA MD Staff is like a breath of fresh air incomparable to your typical corporate job. We have the best support system and communication, that makes me/us work smarter with the best results.