HDA MD Staff Mhardee Peralta; Administrative Assistant




Mhardee Peralta

"HDA MD Staff; Administrative Assistant"



I've been working with HDA MD STAFF for a year now and the experience is fantastic. At first, it is hard because the job is all new to me, but all the people in HDA MD STAFF helped me become who I am right now. They never gave me reasons to doubt myself, we always motivate each other to become successful. My workers always got my back, they are more than willing to help me if I have a lot of questions and clarifications.




Working remotely helped me a lot not just financially, but because I got to spend more time with my 2 yr old daughter. I get to see her every single day and play with her after work. Also, we save more money because we will not pay for the fare and not spend our time with traffic outside the house LOL! We have a lot of 'Family Time' and we can easily plan our weekend getaways. Here are some of our pictures and beach getaways and ohh.. our toddler loves the beach so much!