HDA MD Staff Extended Team


Meet Our Extended Services Team

A Message From Our President

HDA MD Staff has been recruiting physicians for over 30 years and we have experienced many changes over the years. 


We have evolved from FAX machines, paper notebooks, and exclusive use of the telephone to a cloud-based recruiting system, digital advertising, and text as a normal means of communication. 

We have always been open-minded and we believe in the concept of a global economy. 

To claim that we are too "image-conscious" to have an office in the Philippines would insinuate that we view people in the Philippines as somehow "less than", and I can assure anyone who asks, our Philippine staff is in no way "less than" Americans we hire and train.

We hire only educated smart people in the Philippines with excellent English, and we train them to do the same job as the people we hire in the US, and we are no more ashamed of them than our clients are ashamed of the 30% of physicians providing healthcare in the US, but born in a country other than the US. 

We are proud to present to you our Philippine Staff: