Job Seekers- Why Us?

We Find Jobs for You

While You See Patients and Enjoy Free Time


Ray Kroc made the McDonald brother's restaurant name world famous by establishing a process to prepare and serve food in a systematic and consistent manner.  

HDA has developed a systematic system to help you find the job you are searching for, whether it is a permanent full-time opportunity, a Per Diem opportunity, a Temporary Assignment, a Telemedicine job,  or a Locum Tenens Assignment.  We focus on Physicians, and Advanced practice recruiting nationwide and include, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, CRNA and Telemedicine Staffing and Recruiting.

Our process starts with our marketing.  We digitally advertise job postings across many job boards and websites, and we also "cold call" ,text, email and contact job seekers via social media.

Once a job seeking health care candidate responds to our marketing efforts for a specific opportunity, one of our Inquiry Response Representatives will contact the job seeker, and will conduct an informal phone, or email interview.  The purpose of this interview is to learn about your requirements, and your specific preferences for a job opportunity.  

We want to learn things about you that are not necessarily written on your CV, but are important to you, and we also want to understand your background and credentials to present you with the most appropriate opportunities.

After this initial conversation you will be working with a "team" of folks at HDA MD Staff.  The team consists of an Inquiry Response Rep, or a Sourcing Rep, a Marketing Representative, and an Account Executive.  

After we have learned about your preferences, and your credentials, we will present job opportunities to you that we feel you may be interested in hearing about.  HDA has been in business since 1990, and we work with several thousand clients, and have over 4,000 job opportunities.  

Keep in mind however,  there are times when an opportunity we have advertised is newly opened, was open and is now closed (a job can close over night) or was open, closed and is now re-opened.  

Once we present the opportunity to you, we reach out to our clients and verify the status of the opportunity.  If the job is still open, and if you are interested, we will send your CV along with a presentation of your licenses, your reasons for relocating, your personal preferences, salary requirements, and etc. to our client. 

If we do not have an opportunity you are interested in learning about, your information is sent along to our next team member, our Marketing Representative.  Our Marketing Representative's job is to make 100 calls a day into hospitals and practices to search for opportunities to fit the preferences and requirements of the job seekers we work with.  

Don't worry, all of this is done discreetly, and no real identifying information about our job seekers is shared with the potential new client.  

Once opportunities are identified by our Marketing Representative, our Account Executive will get involved to gain a better understanding of the job opportunity and will compile a detailed job description to be shared with you.

We will reach out to you via text, voice mail, or email and try to set up a time to talk to you about the jobs that fit your background and requirements.  Once we have communicated and you have expressed an interest in an opportunity, we will send your CV or Resume, along with a presentation to the client opportunity.  If you are interested in more than one job, no problem! We will present you to all job opportunities you have an interest in pursuing.

Your Account Executive is responsible to help coordinate all activities concerning your job search, as well as to be the primary mediator and negotiator between you and the client.  

The team you work with will assure you have all the information you need and will assist with credentialing, travel arrangements, pre and post interviews assistance, scheduling shifts, follow up after interviews, first shifts worked, expense reimbursements, interview advice, and problem solving.

We will try to provide you with more than just one opportunity, and if you are searching for a full time opportunity you are not required to interview with just one client at a time.  We will continue searching for an opportunity for you, until you have found what you are searching for. 

Please understand that there are some situations whereby we feel we cannot help a job seeker.  Those situations are limited, but include if the job seeker does not have the proper training required to work in the United States, if the job seeker does not have the appropriate citizenship, or visa status to work, or if there are other circumstances or situations whereby the job seeker is not qualified.  If we feel we cannot help you, we will inform you and we will offer suggestions to you to improve your situation, or at least let you know why we cannot assist with your job search.

If you are qualified and are searching for locum tenens, we cover your malpractice with an AA rated policy and offer a 1 mil, 3 mil policy with tail coverage.  Our marketing Reps will stay busy searching for your next assignment.

Although we prefer for you to work exclusively with us, it is not required, and you owe us nothing for working on your behalf regardless of whether you accept a position or a Locums Assignment from us, or through a resource you found on your own.

Our Locum Tenens Physicians are paid bi weekly after submitting time sheets. 

The above description will give you an idea of how time consuming and difficult it is to search for your own job opportunity.  As a health care provider, your time is more valuable spent seeing patients.  Let us do the work!  Contact us today at 770-772-4558 or through our contact form.  Our chat bot is also managed most hours of the day, so if you are in a rush for time, reach out to us via chat.  

We look forward to working with you.